Christine (_brokenpurity_) wrote in so_so_random,

oh hotdog, my hotdog,
you sit in my bun
who sits on a plate
who sits in the sun

oh hotdog, my hotdog,
just off the grill
but not into my mouth
cuz i've had my fill

oh hotdog, my hotdog,
i'll just watch you lay
and admire your beefy goodness
and sing all day

oh hotdog, my hotdog,
with mustard and relish
you're just the dog to
cure my fetish

break it down....

H to the O to the T to the D to the O to the G.
you know you're the only hotdog for me
condiments condiments, on the side
i'm so glad that this pig died
so i can have my hotdog
hotdog, hotdog, hotdog,
i just want my hotdog
hotdog, hotdog, hotdog

with fries.

oh yea.

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