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The Application:

Basics; You will not be rated on this part.
1) Name: Shae
2) Age: 21
3) Gender: F
4) Location: canada

Other stuff

5) How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? according to my Dad, enough to crush a large man or a lego castle.
6) What is your favorite genre of music? the good kind.
7) Spam? Franz Ferdinand.

Type the first word that comes to mind when I say...

8) Cheeto - stick
9) Consultant - shimmering
10) Cauliflower - skunk
11) Ni! - Chew.

Finish the sentence...

12) I can't believe I just... did that without any underwear on.
13) What is that thing on your... chip? I mean, on your shoulder. a chip you say?
14) If I could be a sweet potato, I'd... kick the ass of every yam that acted superior to me.
15) Excuse me, but I lost my... phone number. can I borrow yours?

16) Now say something random. stop blowing into your end.
17) Why should YOU be accepted into this community? I'm about as random as you can get without being completely asleep.
17.5)How did you find this community? through someone's LJ info page.

Extra Credit:
18) How do you feel about Monty Python? I feel quite strongly about it.
19) Is Monty Python a person? Let me answer that with a headbutt.
20) Who's your favorite Homestar Character? The ugly one.
21) Trog Dor¿ Blearg, naturally. I don't know's on third. naturally. you know what I'm talking about.

Now, Write a paragraph using the words: moon; scarf; rancid; indigo; turtle; apocalypse.

so that crappy Norah Jones song "Shoot the moon" came on the radio, and in my desperate attempt to block out the horrible noise I wrapped the nearest scarf entirely around my head, covering my ears of course.
now in my blinded state, I got a little bored. take the scarf off? oh no, my friend. never. I stand by my beliefs.
then I got thirsty. that I can't ignore. and.. well I was about to explain about how I didn't notice the glass of milk was rotton until after I'd dranken the whole thing.. because of being blind... but I just realized that's more a smell and taste thing. so maybe that's my fault.
anyways.. so the indigo scarf is still wrapped around my head and my mouth is full of rancid milk and I rush to the sink to rinse out my mouth. and OH MY GOD, there is a turtle in the sink! don't ask me how it's physically possible for a turtle to get through that tiny tiny drain, I'm quite aware that seemed impossible! don't even ask me how I SAW it with the scarf on! that's impossible too!
out of nowhere this saucer rolled into the kitchen and said "turtles materializing mysteriously in sinks is a sign of the apocalypse." so I don't need to tell you how this ended.

*Advertise this community somewhere, and show me a link for the proof.

*A picture of yourself, por favor.

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